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Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) is a sector programme implemented by the Government of Kenya (GoK) in collaboration with development partners and other stakeholders, to support the implementation of the strategies identified in the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy, 2010–2020 (ASDS) and the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) Kenya Compact.

The programme is jointly financed by the Government of Kenya and the Government of Sweden. ASDSP supports coordination of programmes within its primary outcome areas; environmentally resilient and socially inclusive value chain development and associated sector coordination at National and County levels.

 Goal of ASDSP

 “To support the transformation of Kenya’s agricultural sector into an innovative, commercially oriented, competitive and modern industry that will contribute to poverty reduction and improved food security in rural and urban Kenya”

Purpose of ASDSP

  “To increase equitable income, employment and improved food security of male and female target groups as a result of improved production and productivity in the rural smallholder farm and off-farm sectors”

Development of a transparent system for improved agricultural sector coordination and harmonization and an enabling policy and institutional environment for the realization of the ASDS.

Strengthening of the environmental resilience and social inclusion of value chains

Promotion of viable and equitable commercialization of the agricultural sector through value chain development.

ASDSP focuses on commercialization, agribusiness and market development activities of the agriculture sector. This is based on the assumption that deepened and equitable commercialization of Kenya’s agricultural sector, especially at the smallholder level, will contribute to increased farm productivity and incomes; improve the availability of food in both rural and urban areas and enhance the sector’s contribution to the overall national economy.

The programme supports actors along the value chain, to strengthen capacities and coordination within each value chain under the Programme. It is however recognized that special measures need to be instituted to ensure that key considerations, such as food and nutrition security, environmental sustainability, climate change resilience and inclusion of women, female/male youth and vulnerable groups form an integral part of commercialization.

To attain social inclusion, ASDSP supports tailored and differentiated interventions that help build the asset base of relevant stakeholders. Special attention is given to the poor and vulnerable in order to promote increasingly commercialized farming practices, while ensuring that food security and nutrition needs are met. Gender and vulnerability related biases at the institutional and household levels are concurrently addressed to improve equity.

An important pre-requisite for achieving the objectives of the ASDSP is the establishment of inclusive sector-wide coordination, and harmonization mechanisms among the various implementing institutions and Development Partners involved in the programme. ASDSP facilitates the creation of enabling institutional and policy frameworks essential for the realization of the goals of the ASDS.

The ASDSP programme will contribute to improved food security through support to improved sector coordination and harmonization and the creation of  appropriate enabling policies and institutional frameworks to guide the sector; Promotion of viable and equitable commercialization of the agricultural sector through value chain development and the strengthening of environmental resilience and social inclusion of value chains.

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