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 Component 1: Sector Coordination

The realization of the aspirations of the ASDS lies in the development of an efficient, transparent and inclusive framework that can deliver the 10% annual growth of the sector as envisaged in the Kenya Vision 2030. ASDSP achievements towards sector coordination are;

  • Establishment of functional ASDSP steering, coordination and management structures that are aligned to sector-wide approaches at both national and county levels of government click here
  • Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and fisheries  Transformation Initiative (MoALF TI) supported in strengthening intergovernmental coordination between the two levels of government, and b) strengthen the support to sector coordination initiatives by county governments, including inter-county coordination
  • Guidelines on the Provision of ASDSP Support towards Sector Coordination Initiatives by County Governments developed. 47 proposals on county sector coordination initiatives have been approved for support by ASDSP and partners during the current financial year 
  • Establishment of joint coordination mechanisms for existing programmes and a common programme framework for new programmes in the sector
  • Capacity need assessment (CNA) to identify gaps in capacity at Institutional, Organizational and Individual level done. The gaps are being addressed by relevant stakeholders
  • Development of ASDSP management guidelines to provide an overview of the ASDSP structure and its “way of doing business” click here
  • Partnership Guidelines developed. The purpose of Guidelines in implementation of the ASDSP is to bring on board players in the program and to an operation platform that ensures that their strengths and potential are well utilized for the good of the program.
  • Functional Partnerships on implementation of value chain and dissemination of weather advisories and capacity building established  
  • The ASDSP  Monitoring and Evaluation Framework is in place
  •  Comprehensive baseline studies consisting of agribusiness surveys, policy and institutional surveys and household surveys for all the 47 counties have been carried outThe recommendations are being used to further guide the sector. 
  • Management information system for programme monitoring and evaluation  has been developed (
  • The sector wide M&E system is  under development
  • Supported the National Farmers Information System(NAFIS),a comprehensive web-based information services  that  enables Value chain actors get critical information either through browsing the web or calling NAFIS IVRs number 020-5100102
  • The programme in line with the sector wide approach supported the development and rollout   of polices that cut across the sector - Gender main streaming  the agricultural sector, Extension , Agricultural Youth and Agricultural Insurance policies as well as roll-out of Agriculture and Food Authority Act (AFFA)


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