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Value Chain Development: 

ASDSP under this component supports the commercialization and market orientation of the agricultural sector. The main vehicle is support to the establishment and strengthening of horizontal and vertical value chain (VC) stakeholder bodies at the County and cross-County levels and VC analysis, demand-driven and stakeholder-led identification of interventions to mitigate bottlenecks for effective functioning of prioritized VCs.

VCD support interventions are implemented through operational partnerships with existing VCD support agents, including the private sector, existing programmes, Government agencies and civil society organizations. Special effort is made to ensure that vulnerable value chain actors, men and women, participate in commercial production and marketing in the context of the prioritized value chains. Value chains that offer maximum potential for the achievement of food security and equity objectives, while at the same time contributing to the commercialization of the agricultural sector are given first priority under the programme support arrangements.

Under this component, ASDSP works with all actors along the chain, from the input suppliers to the final consumer, to remove inefficiencies, and enhance the critical requirement of a strong ‘end market’ to pull and sustain the chain. The importance of an overall ‘enabling environment’ is emphasized and efforts are made to identify institutional, policy and regulatory changes that may be required to facilitate VCD. These are then addressed under component 1. 

Commercialization of the agricultural sector is achieved through strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of prioritized value chains and supporting smallholder producers to shift from subsistence to producing for the market.

This objective is achieved by;

  • Supporting the development of inclusive value chain organizations
  • Identifying and removing factors that constrain value chain production, processing, financing and marketing
  • Supporting the growth of public and private investments in production-related infrastructure and value chain production, processing and marketing
  • Supporting the identification and application of innovative value chains and technologies. 

Special effort is made to ensure that women, youth and other vulnerable groups are integrated in and benefit from all stages of the value chains. This is achieved through identifying and addressing social and gender constraints to participation along the value chains. The outcome of the interventions in this component is a viable, sustainable and equitable commercialization of the agricultural sector.

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